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Box Build Assembly

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Box Build Assembly


1. What Is Box Build Assembly?

Box build assembly can refer to a PCB assembly (PCBA) in a large cabinet full of wires, a small enclosure, or a complex, fully integrated electro-mechanical system with pneumatic and electronics. It is also known as system integration and includes other assembly work in electro-mechanical assembly. For example, the installation of sub-assemblies, the fabrication of enclosures, and the building and wiring of wire harnesses are all part of case manufacturing. Case assembly refers to all electronics production and design chain assembly processes.

Box build assembly is used by the military, telecommunications, satellite, aerospace, and medical industries, among others, and these services offer a wide range of benefits. As a core technology for most electronic devices, the SMT industry values box build assembly.

2. Essential Information For Box Build Assembly

2.1 Bill of Materials (BOM)

The BOM list is considered an integral aspect of the build box assembly process. The Venture will know the essential materials and components you need to procure with a Bill of Materials. The BOM sheet you need to prepare should cover this information:

      • Item Number.
      • Reference Number.
      • Package.
      • Part type.
      • Manufacturer part number.

When we assemble, if we don’t have the BOM list, we will spend a lot of time confirming the details of the assembly with the customer, so the BOM list is the necessary information for the assembly process.

2.2 Assembly Design Files (3D CAD)

These files are either printable or electronic, and they need to contain all the assembly design information for the electronic device. The best way to provide assembly design information to electronic contract manufacturers is through 3-D CAD models. With this information, Venture will be able to produce a working and manufactured product.

Without this complete product information, the Box build assembly can not proceed. We need critical information to drive the manufacturing process to completion. Our group will use this vital information to reduce the duplication of files to speed up the assembly process, reduce time, and provide the fastest service to our customers.

2.3 Working Prototype

It is a great way to present the product you want to manufacture to the electronic contract manufacturing company and support a working prototype. We can depend on the working prototype and find ways to improve the design for manufacturing and production.

2.4 Testing

Part of the box build assembly process tests the components’ functionality and the product’s overall performance. The customer should have detailed test cases on how they need us to test the product before accepting it. The client should include onboard and off-board programming and functional testing in client-designed features and those designed by the electronic contract manufacturer. Visual inspections, 3D automated optical inspections, factory acceptance testing, and much more might belong to it. The more comprehensive and detailed the test plan is, the better the result will be from the electronic contract manufacturer.

2.5 Packaging and Shipping Information

It is also vital for Packaging and shipping information. You must show how you want the packaging and shipping information. These details allow us to decide about PCB box-build units’ management to optimize shipping. The pieces of information can avoid damages during shipping before the products ship to your company. Our shipping team can use the information you support to package the PCB box build units with all the safety measures. Both complex and straightforward assembly depends on the client’s requirements, where the discussion can lead the EMS to work efficiently. The manufacturer engineers can use the information to provide the fastest, safer, and higher quality services.

3. Box Building Assembly Process

the process includes the following:

  • Design and Engineering.
  • Software and Product Configuration.
  • System-level assembly.
  • Sub-level product assembly.
  • Product Assembly.
  • Software installation.
  • Product configuration.
  • Full System Testing.
  • Packaging and Shipping.
  • Labeling.
  • Warehousing.
  • Order fulfillment.
  • After-market service.
  • Depot Repair of Venture Built Products.

4. What Does Venture Do During Box Build Assembly?

Venture Electronics doo the following:

  • Build and test all cables and harnesses for the equipment.
  • Cutting strip and mark the ends of individual wires in preparation for assembly.
  • Assemble the Box starting from the bottom. Work your way up through each layer. That includes bolting parts, mounting and interconnecting circuit boards, connecting harnesses, and point-to-point wiring.
  • Incorporate customer production specifications into each  Check the condition of each layer.
  • Necessary labeling.
  • Wire routing.
  • Screws with critical torque specifications.
  • Continuity test points.
  • We do a final inspection before installing the component’s cover.
  • Test the device.
  • Record results.

5. We Can Provide A Wide Range Of Box Build Assembly Services

We offer a complete solution for build box assembly requirements, whether a simple plastic or metal-ceramic complex enclosure. We provide the following services:

  • Automated Encapsulation.
  • Complete electro-mechanical assembly.
  • Automated conformal coating.
  • We do testing, including functional, final, environmental and burn-in testing.
  • We also do complete product testing and pre-burn-in.
  • Custom packaging.
  • Direct product shipment.
  • We do after-sales and repair services for Venture products.
  • Also, we do warehousing, order fulfillment, and traceability.

6. Conclusion:

Venture Electronics can provide SMT, PTH and hybrid assembly solutions in the Box build. We can provide services for all types of enclosures, cable assemblies, and solutions with simple and complex metal frame sub-assemblies. Venture Electronics also utilizes complex stripped, taped, tinned, or stranded bundles for cable assemblies to meet industrial and military application requirements. We offer complete cabling assemblies such as racks, cabinets, and back-planes. Such as the use of brackets, fittings, connectors, PSUs, and back-planes for fabrication can make sub-assemblies more precise to complete the process. To reduce costs, we can also provide pre-tested sub-assemblies. Before we begin the assembly process, we conduct a thorough design review to ensure costs minimization.

We are equipped with a professional 50002 international standard plant for production, with a fully automatic production line, through the United States UL certification, ISO9001 production standards, a professional manufacturing team, finished products straight through rate up to 99.8%, ten years of processing experience and the trust of many listed companies, worthy of your favor.


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