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Electronic Component Sourcing Solutions

Venture Electronics sourcing history

Venture Electronics has ten years of experience in electronic component sourcing from mainland China and overseas and consults with other countries. All procurement engineers have more than five years of parts procurement experience, providing the most competitive quotation for turnkey PCB Assembly PCBA Bill of Materials (BOM).

Our BOM quotation cycle can be up to 24 hours. Our fast turnaround service combined with improved parts sourcing system will meet the needs of customers with small and high volume production needs. With the continuous growth of our PCBA orders, our customers are happy with the service and products received and return for more components.


Types of Venture Electronics components

Venture Electronics build, design and consult on a number of PCB and PCBA electronic components. The electronic components available are RF/IF, RF/IF and RFID, hardware, fasteners, accessories, sensors, transmitters, optical devices, optical inspection equipment, optoelectronic devices, discrete semiconductor products, prototype development, transformers, memory cards, modules, capacitors, relays, inductors, coils, chokes, switches, crystals, oscillators, resonators, and thousands more products.

These products and Prototype PCB Assembly can be used in a number of functions, and purpose-built to suit your industry needs.


The advantages of choosing Venture Electronics

  • 24-hour global consulting source of goods.
  • Accurate price verification, saving you money and time
  • Efficiently meet R&D samples
  • Fast delivery, even on weekends.
  • Helping solve supply-chain issues

We all understand the importance of components in electronic assembly, and a good component supplier should invest in assembly principles.

For example, if you are seeking a particular chip and that circuit board is out of stock – we will work with you to find a solution. Your project can still move forward, as we can help you choose a replacement model with the same performance. If we can’t find a replacement model, we advise the customer to change part of the design. Both approaches will always solve the customer’s problems.


Is Venture Electronics’ stock original?

Venture Electronics guarantees that all components are original. We have professional quality control engineers to inspect the source and check the certificates, while also conducting PCBA testing. Before shipping, we will take photos to confirm the order with the customer and arrange to ship after the customer accepts the order presentation.

Customers will promptly receive the goods and if they are not satisfied after inspection, we will accept the replacement of new goods.


About our delivery time

We will order the delivery date of components according to the inventory status of the source. We can deliver the goods within three days if supplies are sufficient, and if the supplies need to be acquired the customer will be informed of the new expected delivery time. Typically, Venture Electronics will have the product complete and delivered in two to three weeks.

The PCB Assembly sources at Venture Electronics are made using unique and sensitive materials, and so this can often impact the delivery time.


Venture Electronics Components Sourcing History

  • We pack products using moisture-proof and anti-static bags
  • Desiccant and warning stickers on the outer packaging
  • Minimum packaging bar code, with bar code on the side of the outer packing box
  • Minimum packaging retains or removes original manufacturer and supplier labels
  • We use pallet packaging with upper and lower pallets, as quality cannot be assured when using cardboard instead of pallets

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