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Electronic Laboratory

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Electronic Laboratory

  • What Is An Electronic Laboratory?

It is a modern laboratory aimed at teaching and research purposes for all engineering degree courses. The laboratory specializes in projects in electrical engineering, measurement engineering, signal processing, control engineering, and power electronics.

  • Why Establish?

We established the Venture Electronics laboratory service to provide our customers with accurate and cost-effective laboratory testing services.

Our goal is to offer the best service to utilize our project management and quality assurance, which is very useful to define our customer’s project. We request all the PCB assembly boards to do complete testing before shipping them to our customers. What’s more, we are now continuing to invest in new testing devices and expand our electronic laboratory to meet more requirements from our customers.

By the way, our engineers from Electronic Laboratory will be pleased to help our customers to verify the PCB design. If you have any ongoing projects, please send us at


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