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PCB Assembly Equipment

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PCB Assembly Machines, Equipment and Tools

Venture Electronics uses state-of-the-art equipment for PCB assembly to achieve the precise accuracy required throughout the assembly process, including x-ray, solder paste, pick and place, and more.

Venture Electronics offers complete printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly solutions. Start with our exclusive services: PCB Artist, our free design layout software, and, our manufacturability design file checking tool. Then the entire PCB fabrication and assembly process rely on us. Our reliability is the best in the industry, and testimonials prove our reputation for customer service from our customers in the medical, instrumentation, military/aerospace/defense, semiconductor, and robotics industries. Here we have listed some PCB assembly equipment.

  • Cleaning Machine

PCB board doesn’t leave the factory strictly clean. There are a lot of debris, dust residue on the surface of the PCB board, edges, through the hole, and other places. PCB board in the process of handling is easy to generate static electricity, making it easy to cause electrostatic damage or adsorption of dust in the SMT processing process. Dust and other foreign matter can cause harm to PCB printing like poor soldering, basic soldering, component warping, skewing, and any additional poor soldering. Cleaning the PCB before entering the printing machine can prevent and reduce the generation of defective products, improve quality, and enhance product reliability.

  • Solder Paste Printing Machine

Modern solder paste printing machine generally comprises a loading plate, adding solder paste, embossing, feeding the board, and other elements and is a very important PCB assembly equipment. The working principle is: Firstly, Fix the printed circuit board on the printing table. Secondly, The printer scrapes the solder paste or red glue from the left and right sides to the corresponding pads through the template to unify the PCB leakage and automatically place it through the transfer table machine to enter the location.

  • Mounting Machine

SMD machine: also called “mount machine,” or “surface-mount system” (Surface Mount System). in the production line, it is configured in the solder paste printing machine after and is through the mobile mount head to surface mount components accurately placed PCB pad on a kind of equipment. Professionals divide it into two types: manual and fully automated. They also divide it into a general-purpose machine, low, medium, and high-speed mounter. Finally, paste the component PCB to output a good product through the visual inspection transmission table to complete the sampling after transporting to reflow soldering for welding.

  • Reflow Soldering

Reflow soldering has a heating circuit inside. The air or nitrogen is heated to a high enough temperature, then blown to be attached to the components of the circuit board. Later the elements on both sides of the solder are melted and bonded to the motherboard. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easy to control, the welding process can also avoid oxidation, and manufacturing costs are also more easily controlled.

  • AOI Inspection Instrument

AOI with the full name of automatic optical inspection is built based on visual principles to detect common defects encountered in the production of solder equipment. It is a new-inventive test technology, but many manufacturers have launched AOI machines with its rapid development. Automatic testing is when the machine automatically scans the circuit board through the camera, captures images, tests the qualification with solder joint parameters in the database, after image processing, checks the circuit board for defects, and shows/marks the defects through the monitor or automatic repairman signs.

  • Component Foot Cutting Machine

Manufacturers use it to cut and deform the foot of the inserted components.

  • Wave Soldering

Wave soldering technology directly contacts the soldering surface of the plug-in board with high-temperature liquid tin to achieve the purpose of soldering. The high-temperature liquid tin maintains the slope. Liquid tin forms a wave phenomenon through specific equipment, the so-called “wave welding technology,” its primary material for the welding belt.

  • Tin Furnace

A tin furnace is a welding tool used in electronic welding. It is conducive to the welding consistency of discrete component circuit boards, convenient operation, fast speed, and high efficiency.

  • Board Washing Machine

Used for cleaning PCBA board, can clear the residue of the board after welding.

  • ICT Test Fixture

ICT test mainly detects the open, short circuit, and welding of PCBA line by laying out test points by contacting PCB with a test probe.

  • FCT Test Fixture

FCT (Functional Test) refers to the test target board (UUT: Unit Under Testoz) that provides a simulated operating environment (excitation and load) to make it work in various design states. Hence to obtain the parameters of each state and verify the UUT test method Features. It is simply to load a suitable stimulus to the UUT and measure whether the output response meets the requirements.

  • Aging Test Rack

Technicians can use an aging test rack to test PCBA boards in batch and test out the problematic PCBA boards by simulating users’ operations for a long time.


Automated PCB Assembly Equipment For Through-Hole Soldering

Automatic soldering machines for through-hole electronic components are as follows.

  1. Wave Soldering Machine: This is the main machine for any automated PCB assembly line used for mass production. Professionals subdivide this massive machine into the following parts:
    • Conveyor belt.
    • Flux or flux sprayer.
    • Preheater or Preheating PAD.
    • A molten solder tray generates solder waves with the help of a pump.
  2. Solder Pot: This machine also works more or less like the wave soldering machine, but on a tiny scale. It only includes a pot with molten solder in which technicians can perform dip soldering. Technicians mainly use this machine for small-scale manufacturing or the production of small PCBs such as LED bulbs.

Automated PCB Assembly Equipment For SMT

Automatic Soldering Machines for SMT Production Line are the following:

  • SMT Oven/Curing Oven: In electronics, both adhesive curing and solder paste baking operations require ovens. Technicians can use the same or different ovens for adhesive curing and baking of solder paste.
  • Reflow Soldering Machine: The most crucial machine for SMD and solder paste reflow soldering. The two main reflow soldering processes include – the vapor phase; and infrared.
  • SMT Mounting Machine: Pick up and place SMD electronic components on PCB before SMD soldering.

SMT Mounter And Process (Surface Mount Technology)

Automatic Component Insertion

Venture Electronics had imported and installed automatic insertion equipment. Technicians can easily integrate high-speed, automated, modular, compact, and high-precision component insertion machines into production lines for efficient production. This machine’s available component feeders are belt feeders, tube feeders, tray feeders, vibratory feeders, and custom feeders, and you can use multiple component feeders for high insertion automation. Extraordinary vision system with ±0.05mm insertion accuracy


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