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File Requirements

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File Requirements To Produce a PCB

What Primary Files Does Venture Electronics Require To Produce a PCB?

For Venture Electronics or any other PCB fabrication company to quote your circuit boards accurately and without delays, it is essential to supply a set of complete PCB data files using the industry-standard file types. At requiring a quote stage, before you get the quote for what you want, here is some information you need to supply to ensure a smooth PCB fabrication process. As for a PCB assembly order, we usually require a PCB file and a PCB Assembly file. The PCB file will include:

  1. Copper layers file.
  2. The PCB file will include all the solder mask, silkscreen, and paste layers files.
  3. It includes an accurate outline, with cutouts, slots, etc., represented if possible.
  4. One drilling file for each drilling cycle (through-hole, blind or buried, slots, etc.) The drilling file should include tooling codes with diameter information.
  5. Finally, include one or more fabrication drawings or similar documents.

What Detailed Information Do Venture Need For The PCB Instructions?

  1. Hole size with tolerances, including plating status information (PTH / NPTH).
  2. Board outline dimensions, including tolerances.
  3. Include hole or other mechanical feature to edge dimensions.
  4. You need to include the finished copper thickness of both inner and outer layers.
  5. Include finished PCB thickness with tolerances and criteria for measurement.
  6. Surface finish requirements.
  7. Solder mask color requirements.
  8. Silkscreen color requirements.
  9. Include any additional requirements (such as impedance control, specific dielectric thicknesses, plugging, etc.).

What PCB Fabrication Drawing File Formats Do Venture Electronics Accept?

  1. RS274X Gerber (.gbr, .pho, etc.).
  2. Adobe Acrobat (PDF).
  3. AutoCAD (.dwg or .dxf).
  4. HPGL (.hpg, .plt).
  5. Graphic file (.jpg, .gif, .tif, etc.).
  6. ODB++ (.tgz).
  7. Readme files (.doc, .txt, .rpt).

What Are The Necessary PCBA Files Do Venture Electronics Need To Fabricate A PCBA?

  1. Bill of Materials: BOMs usually have detailed information about components supplier part numbers like Digi key, MOUSER, RS, etc.
  2. Pick and Place Machine Data: It is necessary to send us the pick and place machine component data. This file will mainly be used in the PCB assembly process by an automatic PCBA machine.
  3. You will add additional files, such as assembly drawings, documents for 3D design, and schematic files, to the guild in the PCB assembly process.

In Conclusion:

Above are the file requirements of Venture Electronics to produce PCB. We need these detailed files as much as possible, please feel free to contact Venture’s team if you have any projects in hand. We will be here and happy to offer you a quote to start the business.


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