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IC Programming

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IC’s Development

Since the integrated circuit’s invention, with the development of planar silicon technology, two essential integrated circuits, bipolar and MOS, were successively invented in the 1960s, which marked the manufacture of electronic tubes and transistors. A quantum and qualitative leap has taken place in this era, creating an unprecedented new integrated circuit industry with penetration and vitality.

What Is IC Programming?

Integrated circuit (IC) programming is a kind of computer programming in which programmers add the software to the IC chip by creating through the code. That usually is done by using a computer, and the computer works as a bridge for program burning/programming because the computer will upload the software into the IC. Technicians often use it for microcontrollers to control a particular device, but it also may be used for the main computer itself. Programmers can code much software through IC programming, which comes down to what is being controlled.

Why Do You Require IC Programming?

You may ask why IC programming is required: here we will answer your question:

Firstly, because there are microcontrollers or ARM controllers in electronic products, there is no program in the control chip in the production process. For the single-chip microcomputer or ARM chip to perform operations according to the functions we designed, it is necessary to burn the program execution file written by the project to the controller chip of our electronic product.

Secondly, the corresponding parameters need to be programmed. When programmers burn the MCU or ARM program, sometimes for confidentiality, it is necessary to set the encryption parameters of the program through the serial port or USB interface or burn some parameters, such as the IP address and port data of the wifi module. All are to ensure the regular operation of electronic products.

Thirdly, burn files, such as fonts, pictures, ringtones, animations, etc. Nowadays, many electronic products have display screens. The pre-processed high-definition photos need to be stored in the MCU or ARM system to provide users with a superior user experience. The font file is the underlying file of the electronic product called for the user to input Chinese characters.

In general, the purpose of IC, including this program, is to ensure the regular operation of the single-chip microcomputer system or ARM chip and the files and parameters necessary for safe operation.

How To Program The IC?

IC programming is to program different kinds of cards, called “burning.” There usually is two methods of transferring the program into the IC chips.

Offline programming:

Offline programming or burning is compatible with chips in different packages through different adapters. Technicians can use the chip with an adapter to realize program burning.

Online programming:

Online programming is now often the preferred method of downloading. After the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, the IC chip remains in the circuit, allowing for programming and final debugging in the final hardware. When manufacturers produce circuit boards in batches, programmers can perform the programming as a final stage after completing the hardware. That is also beneficial during the prototyping phase, as programmers can quickly and safely implement program modifications.

What Kind Of Service Can Venture Do For IC Programming?

  1. Venture can program different IC types for example:EEPROM, SPI / NOR / NAND / SPI NAND Flash, Micro-controller, EMMC, eMCP, CPLD… etc.
  2. We can program different packages such as SOP, SSOP, TSOP, QFP, QFN, WSON, USON, LGA, SOT, BGA, WLCSP… etc.
  3. We can also program a variety of input/output: Tube, Tray, and Tape input/output.
  4. Our Programming Facilities has DediProg automatic IC programming system DP1000, DP2000, DP300.

Significantly, our programming center exceeds ISO standards. With complete experience in this field, Venture can meet your IC programming requirements with good quality.

Venture’s IC Programming Rates

Many of our PCBA orders are requested to be IC programmed by our customers. The customer provides the programming method, and we program it before shipping. Some customers ship the programming tools and place them in our warehouse for future orders. The programming process of each PCBA order will be recorded and archived for our subsequent review. We will also share the programming video for customer review.

The programming process is also very successful, and if we encounter any problem in a particular programming session, we will organize a video conference with the customer to discuss it. In conclusion, we are capable of ensuring your programming projects go smoothly. Contact us if you have the needs now!


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