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Venture Electronics has provided specialized products and services to the military industry for over ten years. The military’s tight requirements need for high reliability and long operation times under extreme environments require it to partner with a PC fabricator that is reputable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable about Military Grade PCBs. We have produced military PCBs for aviation, defense applications. Our in-depth knowledge of various Military Grade PCB requirements has positioned us to understand how to work with a wide range of materials, composites, substrates, and constructions necessary for the military and its’ applications.

Long development cycles and high qualification costs require military companies to carefully select reliable, cost-effective partners with a track record of success. Our expert knowledge of Military Grade PCB requirements and quality systems necessary to provide manufacturing to OEM military and defense contractors has positioned us as a leader in the military PCB market.


Examples of Military Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  1. Airborne Early Warning & Control.
  2. Airborne Warning and Control System.
  3. Command and control systems.


Printed circuit boards are used in many ways in the automotive industry and have changed how people drive. Anti-lock brake systems and other safety and security features, ECU systems that control engines, and GPS navigation systems require PCBs. PCBs will increase as vehicle owners and drivers demand more vehicle accessories, such as televisions that passengers can view.

A printed circuit board used in a car or truck, sub-assembly, or dealer support system must be highly reliable, long-lasting, and be highly competitive in price. Venture Electronics meets these criteria by providing PCBs specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions to which drivers of vehicles expose automotive electronics. Venture Electronics offers high-temperature laminates and copper, aluminum substrates, and differential copper plated PCBs unique in the industry. These differential copper plated PCBs have twenty ounces of copper on one side and one ounce of copper on the other. This configuration offers the optimal signal application and high power.

Automotive electronic circuits were once as simple as switches for headlights and windshield wipers. But modern automobiles take advantage of electronic circuit technology more than ever, often working with high-frequency signals at RF, microwave, and even millimeter-wave frequencies. Some of the radar signals once associated with military fighter aircraft are now the basis for automotive electronic functions, such as collision avoidance, blind-spot detection, and adaptive cruise control systems. These advanced systems promise more excellent safety and an enhanced driving experience for consumers. For the manufacturers of these systems, these automotive applications offer the potential of bringing high-frequency technologies to millions of users. And to suppliers of printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials, such as Rogers (RO4000, RO3000), these emerging applications pose challenges of providing high-performance and reliable circuit materials at acceptable prices that help fuel mass-market applications.

We offer co-design and co-engineering services, just-in-time consignment, prototyping, and limited series production.

Our products range from telematics systems, driver information systems, and tachographs through electronic control modules and power distribution centers to multiplex systems and cockpit switch modules. Here are examples of Automotive Printed Circuit Board Applications we participated in them.

• Audio & Video Equipment.
• Communication Equipment.
• DC/AC Power Converters.
• Digital Displays.
• Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) / Car Computers.
• Electronic Mirror Controls / Automatic Dimming.
• Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
• Interior LED lighting systems.
• LED Brake Lights.
• Navigation Equipment.


Down through the years, Venture Electronics has produced PCB (printed circuit board) products for various commercial and industrial uses. For a long time, the main thrust of Venture Electronics has been industrial electronics. Their products are used in a broad range of applications. Some applications include power supply units, robotics, electronic switchgear, and power conversion applications.

Whether you need the bare CEM1 PCB, a thermal product that bonds with copper, brass, or aluminum, or a multi-layered PCB with both blind and buried via connections and controlled impedance, or a heavy-duty copper PCB for heavy voltage uses, Venture Electronics has the product to help meet your industrial PCB needs.

Please get in touch with us about how our standard and custom products can supply your PCB requirements for more information.

Examples of Industrial Automation & Electronics Printed Circuit Board Applications:

1. Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems.

2. Audible signaling devices.
3. Audio Amplifiers.
4. Battery Charger.
5. Circuitry Protection.
6. Related Computer Equipment.
7. Control Relays.
8. Converters.
9. Digital Meters.
10. Digital Signal Processors.
11. Diode Tester.
12. Displays.
13. Drive Motors.
14. Electromechanical Controls.
15. Electronic Ballasts.
16. Electronic Filters.
17. Electronic Test Instruments.
18. Fans & Blowers.
19. Gas & Pressure Detectors.
20. Gauges.
21. Heat sinks.
22. Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).
23. HVAC Controls.
24. I/O Components.
25. Industrial Controls.
26. Inertial Navigation Systems.
27. Instrumentation.
28. Laser & Sonic Anemometers.
29. LCR Meter.
30. Lighting (LED and Systems).
31. Line Conditioners & Reactors.
32. Oscilloscopes (Scope, CRO, DSO, or O-Scope).
33. Phase Rotation Testers (PRT).
34. Position Controllers.
35. Potentiometers.
36. Power Converters.
37. Power Monitoring Systems.
38. Power Supplies.
39. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
40. Protection Relays.
41. Rectifiers.
42. Regulators.
43. Relays.
44. Resistance meters.
45. Resistors.
46. Safety & signaling.
47. Safety switches.
48. Signal conditioner.
49. Soft starters.
50. Solid State Relays.
51. Spectrograph.
52. Spectrum Analyzer.
53. Tachometers.
54. Terminals.
55. Thermometers.
56. Thermostats.
57. Timing Devices.
58. Transformers.
59. Transient protection.
60. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems.


Many use Printed circuit boards in many ways in the lighting industry. However, we have never seen the industry as active as today with the advent of LED lighting. LED lighting is energy-efficient, but it also produces a fraction of the heat standard lighting solutions create. LEDs also allow for unique lighting solutions due to their tiny size.

Venture Electronics has worked with numerous major lighting companies to provide metal-core printed circuit boards at the forefront of heat dissipation technology as our fastest growing industry.

LED lighting systems generally contain one or more LED packages with one or more LEDs on a printed circuit board (PCB). The size of the LED PCB may depend on the size of the LED(s) mounted thereon, the number of LEDs mounted thereon, the shape of the LED(s) mounted thereon. The heat generated by the LED flows via its electrical contacts into the traces. Heat may also flow out the body of the LED and be dissipated through an underfill, which has a relatively high thermal conductivity. The circuit board provides mechanical support for interconnections between the LEDs, the power supply unit, and the control circuitry, generally by soldered or bonded connections, and the assembly of the LED array, the power supply, and the control circuitry is mounted into a casing which includes an optical enclosure. The standard circuit board materials are generally screwed onto metal heat sinks with thermal grease applied between the aluminum-clad and the assembly heat sink. Some applications utilize thermal tape instead of mechanical fastening and thermal grease.

Examples of LED Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  1. Consumer Electronics.
  2. Flood Lights.
  3. Light Bulbs.
  4. Mobile Phones.
  5. Security Lights.
  6. Spot Lights.
  7. Street Lights.
  8. Vehicle Lights.
  9. Growing Lights.


In an industry that demands high reliability, Venture Electronics has positioned itself as a trusted manufacturer for the medical industry. Venture Electronics provides cutting-edge flex and rigid-flex solutions for medical sectors, from hospitals to innovative technology companies, creating new devices and treatments that help save lives!

With decades of experience in the medical industry, our engineering team is knowledgeable about all aspects of Medical Grade PCBs. Whether working with high-speed laminates, copper and aluminum substrates, ceramics, and coating vital for medical products take comfort in knowing that Venture Electronics has experience manufacturing boards of all types for the medical industry. We can provide lot control and in-depth documentation of all aspects of manufacturing in a customized Final PCB Report for our customers who demand such information. Our ISO 9001 certifications ensure we build proper quality controls into our manufacturing process.

Examples of Medical Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  1. Blood Glucose Monitors.
  2. Blood Pressure Monitors.
  3. Body Temperature Monitors.
  4. Computed Tomography(CT).
  5. Defibrillators.
  6. Intravenous Therapy Infusion Pumps.
  7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
  8. Medical Imaging Systems.


The semiconductor industry is the most critical in advancing technology in the 20th and 21st centuries, as they are the basis for modern-day computers. It would not exist without printed circuit boards since it is considered the base component onto which technicians connect semiconductor devices.

Some of the biggest semiconductor industry companies include Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Renesas, Hynix, Broadcom, and Micron Technology.

Venture Electronics is ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and offers co-design and co-engineering services, just-in-time consignment, prototyping, and limited series production. The company strives to provide quality products as well as quality services.

Examples of Semiconductor Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  1. Audio & Video Equipment.
  2. Computer.
  3. Digital Displays.
  4. Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
  5. Interior LED lighting systems.
  6. Laptops.
  7. Printers.
  8. Smartwatches.
  9. TVs.
  10. Wearables.


The telecommunications industry pushes technology forward as it consistently seeks to reduce the size and weight while constantly adding features to keep the competition from getting ahead.

When it comes to a high-performance PCB for broadcasting networks or computer storage operations, you can rest assured that the circuit boards manufactured by Venture Electronics are up to the job. For years, customers have successfully used our printed circuit boards in cellular phone networks, mobile telecommunication systems, and other electronics applications.

To demonstrate just how well constructed our circuit boards are, here is a brief description of the materials we design. We use the latest ceramic materials and Teflon to reduce wear and tear in the circuits. We also designed our boards to be high-density interconnected printed circuit boards constructed with sequential build-up technology and a BGA pitch that is smaller than 0.4 millimeters. In addition to this, we build the boards with a metallic core and metallic backing that can disperse heat through a copper and tin heat sink that allows for optimal operating conditions. Also, there are a variety of finished exteriors available for our controlled impedance boards and circuits that will make them fit well in any setting. So as you can see from the quality we put into constructing our circuit boards, Venture Electronics stands ready to be a top-quality partner in meeting your company’s needs.

Examples of Telecommunications Printed Circuit Board Applications:

  1. Broadband & Consumer Equipment.
  2. Fixed & Mobile Networks.
  3. Information security technology.
  4. Phone switching systems.
  5. Signal Amplification Devices.
  6. Signal boost online systems.
  7. Switching Applications (Controllers, Heating, and Sensing).
  8. Video Conferencing Devices.
  9. Wireless industrial and commercial phone technology.

If you want your product completed within budget, on time, and to impeccable quality standards, we are here for you.

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