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Everything About PCB Labeling & Packaging

PCBA processing involves a wide range of production links. In production processing, we pay great attention to the quality of production and the development of strict processing requirements. In fact, after the production completion, the packaging and transportation process is also fundamental. The processing quality is reflected in the processing, packaging, and transportation. The intact product to the hands of the customer is considered a PCBA processing order to complete the production. The following is a brief introduction to some of the details of transport packaging.

1. What Is Labeling & Packaging?

Before the PCBA is delivered, unique PCBA labels and packing are required to prevent damage during shipping and to ensure that the PCBA board finally provided to the customer is in good condition. Our shipment needs to label each board accordingly and package it for shipment.

The shipping label should match the customer’s model number. We must carefully check the markings to ensure that all parts are numbered, labeled, compared to the customer’s documentation, and easy to read.

2. How To Labeling & Packaging?

Before packing, the PCBA surface should be cleaned, dry, and sprayed with conformal coating before we pack it. The packaging site should be kept clean, and the temperature and humidity should follow the relevant regulations of PCBA.

After finishing the PCBA packaging, we print appropriate labels outside the packaging box, such as light avoidance, risk prevention, moisture prevention, etc.

3. What Are The Packing Requirements For PCBA Shipment?

  • Packaging materials

PCBA board is more fragile and easy to damage, so before transportation must be carefully packed with bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bags, and vacuum bags.

  • Anti-static packaging

Static electricity will break through the PCBA board chip because static electricity can not be seen, touched, and is easy to produce. In packaging and transportation, manufacturers must use it in anti-static packaging.

  • Moisture-proof packaging

Before packaging, we should clean and dry the surface of PCBA and spray three-proof paint.

  • Anti-vibration packaging

We put the PCBA board we packed into the anti-static packaging box. When we place it vertically, we stack upward no more than two layers and need to place a stop divider in the middle to maintain stability and prevent shaking.

4. Why The Labeling And Packing Requirements For PCBA Shipment?

The final stages of PCBA manufacturing are labeling, packaging and delivery. We do marking to make it easier to identify customer part numbers and apply fragile moisture-resistant labels. At the same time, packaging usually involves sealing the materials of the printed circuit boards to protect them from dust and other foreign materials. The closed-circuit boards are then placed in boxes to protect them from damage during shipping. Finally, we ship them to the customer intact.

The final stage of production is just as important as the first. When our PCB assemblies work on good quality and functional testing, we will carefully label, pack, and ship the PCBAs for on-time shipment.


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