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Here we have full technical knowledge and manufacturing experience in PCB fabrication. Venture Electronics can provide the complete PCB solution from a 1-32 layer board and flexible PCB to rigid-flex PCB. Our PCB fabrication products include:

  • Rigid PCB fabrication – Flex PCB fabrication.
  • Rigid-flex PCB fabrication – PCB Prototype.
  • MCPCB fabrication – Metal core CB fabrication.
  • Aluminum PCB – High-Frequency PCB.
  • High TG PCB – Thick Copper PCB.
  • Ceramic PCB – Gold Fingers PCB.
  • Teflon PCB – Isola PCB.
  • Taconic PCB – Rogers PCB.

We can support your product from prototype to volume production with our Shenzhen PCB prototype factory and Jiangmen volume PCB production factory. We offer to expedite services for PCB prototype fabrication and PCB volume fabrication, our fastest PCB prototype from 1-8 layers is 24 hours, our most rapid 2-6 layer PCB volume production (within 100㎡) is 72hours. Standard PCB fabrication processes are all in-house. Therefore we can guarantee our regular PCB fabrication orders deliver on time.

We have a full range of complete PCB raw materials in stock to meet your application, such as KB, Iteq, Shengyi, Nanya, Rogers, Isola, Arlon, Taconic, Ventec, Dupont, Tellon, Berquist Panasonic, etc.

Through our 2 hours rapid response services 24/7 from our sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your perfect PCB fabrication manufacturer & supplier in China.

FR2, CEM-1, CEM-3, FR4 (standard – halogen-free – high performance) including ShengYi, Iteq, Elite Materials Corp., NanYa, Kingboard, Grace, TUC, MeteorwaveMid – Loss material: TUC TU862HF, EMC EM370D, ITEQ IT170GRA, Panasonic Megtron-2
Low – Loss material: N4000-13(series), FR408HR, Megatron-4, S7038, S7439, TU872SLK (series), EM-828, EM888, N4800-20(series), I-Speed
Ultra-Low – Loss material: Megatron-6, IT150DA, FX-2, FL-700, I-Tera, N6800-22(series), RO4350B, RO3000(series) ,RF-35, RF-35A2, TLX (series), AD250, FL-700LD
Super Low – Loss material and High Thermal Reliability Laminate: TU993, M6N, M7N,
PI, PET Including Taiflex, Dupont FR & AP, Panasonic, ShengYi, Doosan. Hanwha, SF305PI, LCP Including Dupont
Metal Core:Metal Core:
Metal Core Aluminum-based material Including Bergquist MP, HT & CML, ITEQ T-Lam, Laird TLAM SS Taiflex, Dupont FR & AP, Panasonic, ShengYi, Doosan. Arlon, VentecMetal Core Al & Cu based Including Bergquist HPL, Ventec VT, Polytronics TCB, Doosan DST, Denka, Arlon, Chin-Shi
Minimum dielectric thickness0.05mm for PCB0.025mm for PCB
0.025mm for FPC0.012mm for FPC
Layer count1 – 38L / 40L QTA64L (pilot runs/prototype)
HDI / Buried – blind viaYY
Copper filled BVH (Y/N)YY
Copper filled PTH (Y/N)YY – copper paste
Copper paste filled PTH (Y/N)YY
Capped via (Y/N)YY
Maximum board size (mm)1050 x 6101400 x 610
Minimum board thickness (mm) 2L0.15 for PCB0.15 for PCB
0.05 for 1L FPC0.05 for 1L FPC
0.12 for 2L FPC0.12 for 2L FPC
Minimum board thickness (mm) ≥4L0.25 for PCB0.25 for PCB
0.20 for FPC0.16 for FCP
Maximum board thickness (mm)8.610
Minimum track / gap Inner Layer (mil)- copper weight dependant0.075mm0.05mm
Minimum track / gap Outer Layer (mil)- copper weight dependant0.075mm0.05mm
Surface finishENIG / GF / OSP / I Ag / HASL (lead) / HASL (Leadfree) / Plating Au/Ni / Immersion Sn / GF+OSP / GF+HASL / OSP+ENIG / IAG+GF / Isn+GFENIG / GF / OSP / I Ag / HASL (lead) / HASL (Leadfree) / Plating Au/Ni / Immersion Sn / GF+OSP / GF+HASL / OSP+ENIG / ENEPIG / SPF/ IAG+GF / Isn+GF
Layer to layer registration0.05mm25μm
Minimum hole (mech) (mm/mil)0.15mm0.1mm
Minimum hole (laser) (mm/mil)0.075mm0.05mm
Aspect ratio PTH15:0120:01
Aspect ration BVH0.8:11.3:1 (factory + design dependent)
Finish hole tolerance (PTH)± 0.076mm± 0.05mm
Finish hole tolerance (NPTH)±0.0375±0.025
Maximum Cu weight OL15oz15oz
Maximum Cu weight IL12oz12oz
Controlled impedance (+/- X%)Others ± 10%± 5%
Rigid-flex (Y/N)YY including semi-flex
Flexible (Y/N)YY
IMS (Y/N)Y (Al)Y (both Al and Cu)
Embedded components (Y/N)YY
Soldermask via plugging IPC4761 Type VI (Y/N)YY
Epoxy via plugging IPC4761 Type VI (Y/N)YY
Epoxy via plugging IPC4761 Type VII (Y/N)YY
Please note that even with ‘standard’ technology, it does not mean we can achieve all aspects when using combinations of these parameters. Please get in touch with us for full details regarding material availability.

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