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Venture Electronics: Your Trusted PCB Assembly PCBA Services in China


Venture Electronics is a PCB assembly PCBA manufacturer in China, offering complete PCB assembly services in Shenzhen. Venture Electronics can provide turnkey and partially turnkey PCB assembly PCBA services.

We are responsible for the entire manufacturing process for complete turnkey projects, including manufacturing of PCB and PCBA, sourcing of components mounted (100% original), PCBA testing, continuous monitoring of quality, and final assembly.

And for some turnkey projects, the customer can provide the print circuit boards and specific components, and we will manage the rest.

1. What is PCB Assembly PCBA?

Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a printed board with all electronic components installed and abbreviated as PCBA, printed circuit board assembly, or components placement on an already manufactured PCB board. PCBA is slightly different from printed circuit board fabricating, which deals with the fabrication of circuit boards. Assembly is the placement of various components on a blank panel to form a fully functional circuit board.

Assemblyperson can reach component placement manually or mechanically. Its accuracy and precision mechanical assembly is the best choice.

2. PCB Assembly PCBA Types

Electronic designers in many companies worldwide often encounter challenges and problems in getting their prototype boards ready for testing and use. Therefore, they need PCB assembly PCBA services and techniques. With the correct assembly and proven methods, manufacturers will manufacture high-quality PCBs to function as they should. We will briefly highlight several PCB assembly PCBA services and techniques. Please check the information below.

  • 2.1 SMT assembly (surface mount technology)

A method of mounting electronic components directly on the surface of a bare board PCB. SMT components usually have shorter leads than through-hole type components and are, therefore, the surface face of the PCB.

  • 2.2 Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical assembly of PCBs involves putting PCB components together on an assembly line. In addition, it refers to the assembled parts or products made in this way. It is the putting together of products to proceed with a specific function.

  • 2.3 BGA Assembly (Ball Grid Array)

Ball grid array, also called BGA, is another surface mount technology package. There are many pins of ICs that mainly use this technique. BGA is a low-cost package and high-density method that is perfect for coming up with some of the best boards due to the precise placement of components.

  • 2.4 Cable Assemblies

A cable assembly is a group of cables arranged in a single unit. In most cases, cable assemblies transmit electrical power. In addition, technicians use cable assemblies to send signals and provide power to several cables while organizing them in a package that is easier to maintain and replace.

  • 2.5 Turnkey assembly

A turnkey Assembly means that the purchaser’s product or service is available. When applying to PCB assembly PCBA, the supplier can handle the fundamental aspects of a printed circuit board project. It includes the procurement of parts/components and the fabrication of the PCB.

  • 2.6 Box assembly

Professionals refer to Box assembly as system integration. The box build community is the complete assembly of a customer’s finished product.

  • 2.7 Lead-free soldering

In commercial use, lead-free solder may contain trace amounts of tin, silver, copper, bismuth, zinc, indium, antimony, and other metals. Lead-free soldering is the soldering process through the use of lead.

  • 2.8 Printing

PCB printing transfers layouts and PCB schematics onto glossy paper or photo paper and then on a bare board for the final production of a finished circuit board. The printout needs to be in a single-sided shiny form for best results. Printing is an essential step in the production of PCBs. Once done wrong, the consequences can be catastrophic.

  • 2.9 Varnish

Manufacturers apply the varnish coating to the surface of a printed circuit board. The primary purpose is to protect the board and its components from corrosion and damage by the external environment. Varnish helps printed circuit boards withstand harsh environmental conditions.

  • 2.10 Testing

Printed circuit board testing is an essential step in the manufacture of PCBs. Through testing, manufacturers can find errors and correct them early. In this way, they can avoid the additional costs incurred by the need for rework. Through testing, technicians can discover the errors that could lead to board failure.

  • 2.11 Packaging

Manufacturers need to protect the printed circuit boards from physical breakage and free from moisture. Inadequate packaging may affect the proper function of the circuit board. Appropriate packaging is essential for the board to function better. If you want correctly operating printed circuit boards, be sure your manufacturer uses proper good packing.

3. PCB Assembly Process

The following is the process of PCB assembly PCBA. Although there is no specific method, there are five methods of PCBA:

  • Step 1: Making a solder paste stencil

Stenciling is the first step in PCBA assembly. It involves the application of solder paste to a blank circuit board. Solder paste is a thin stainless steel material. The components where the solder paste is applied are where the manufacturers place the elements on the complete PCB.

  • Step 2: Pick and Place

After completing the soldering and the solder mask process, the next step is to pick and place the components on the assembled PCB. In most cases, this process requires specialized equipment to achieve. While manufacturers can also do it manually, it is best done based on the accuracy of the machine.

  • Step 3: Reflow Soldering

When manufacturers place the solder paste and parts are correctly in their positions, the elements must remain there. The assembler must be sure that the solder paste solidifies and sticks to the component on the circuit board to accomplish this. Luckily, manufacturers can achieve this with reflow soldering.

  • Step 4: Inspection and Quality Control

After complete reflow soldering, manufacturers should inspect the board for quality control and check the board’s functionality. Here, they can check the board for quality-related problems.

  • Step 5: Final inspection and functional testing

After the quality checks, the final step is the functional tests. Manufacturers do these tests for errors before the board goes into total production. The primary purpose of the tests is to avoid costly quality errors once the board enters the market.

4. PCB Assembly PCBA Areas:

  • Prototype PCB Assembly

We offer 8-48 hours delivery for prototype PCB assembly PCBA, with no minimum order requirement.

  • Flex PCB Assembly

Flex PCB assembly PCBA, from prototype to mass production in as fast as 8 hours.

  • Turnkey PCB Assembly

We offer “turnkey” PCB assembly PCBA services to save your cost, from prototype quantities to mass production.

  • Low volume PCB Assembly

We offer turnkey low-volume PCB assembly PCBA services, from prototype quantities to mass production.

  • Box Build Assembly

We provide Box Build Assembly service for all your jobs

  • Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)

We offer Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) services, from prototype quantities to mass production.

  • SMT Stencil

We offer laser-cut PCB stencils and chemically etched PCB stencils framed or unframed at a low cost.

  • IC programming

We can provide an IC programming process for all your projects.

  • PCBA Test

We offer the Key to Guarantee PCB functional by SMT Test.

  • Component Sourcing

We provide reliable and traceable components by working with all significant authorized distributors.

5. How to Choose PCB Assembly PCBA Manufacturing?

Our customers tell us that they purchase from our company because we are reliable. They can look for us to do what they say. More than 100 new corporate customers come to Venture every month—many by referral from satisfied customers. We have now earned the trust of over 1,000 engineers and 5,000 contract assemblers who rely on us to meet their PCB requirements.

As a PCBA manufacturer with a 15-year history in China, Venture provides the electronics industry with the latest printed circuit board manufacturing technology and the highest quality standards. You can trust Venture to meet your requirements, from small quantities to mass production, whether it is the simplest PCB or the most complex design.

6. PCB Assembly PCBA Service Provider

Are you struggling to find the best PCB Assembly PCBA manufacturing? If yes, then you will not worry. If you want to make your PCB assembly PCBA a success, there are some essential factors that you should not overlook when looking for a PCB provider. If you desire to have high-quality print circuit boards that you can use for a long time, you must consider the following things:

We are PCB Assembly PCBA Experts:

  • PCB Assembly PCBA from Rigid PCB, Flex, LED to Rigid-Flex board with lead-free solder.
  • No MOQ; orders start from 1pcs.
  • 7/24 Live sales & Large Support Team.
  • Best On-time Delivery.
  • High-end equipment and expertise.
  • We do 100% E-test and AOI inspection for all jobs.
  • We complete a set of reliable parts suppliers.
  • Over 5000 Contract Clients.


So from the above discussion, you can get some ideas about PCBA and its assembly process. Venture Electronics is not only a leading PCB fabricator but also a one-stop store for all your printed circuit board assembly requirements. We offer PCB design and layout, fabrication, and PCB assembly PCBA services. Also, we manage all types of PCB assembly PCBA projects of any volume, especially small-batch, and small-volume PCB assembly PCBA, from primary to complex assembly.

At Venture, we manufacture every product according to the standards adopted by ISO 9001-2000. That also ensures that we manufacture the products according to the customer’s requirements. We continue to grow in a competitive industry primarily because of our commitment to meeting our customers’ specifications, quality, and on-time delivery. Venture offer contract manufacturing from concept to product delivery. From prototype to mass production, we can meet all your manufacturing requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right now!

If you want your product completed within budget, on time, and to impeccable quality standards, we are here for you.

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