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Turnkey PCB Assembly PCBA (Turn Key)

Venture Electronics provides turnkey PCB assembly services (printed circuit board assembly), including PCB fabrication, PCB layout, electronic parts sourcing, complete and partial turnkey assembly, turnkey computer system, turnkey home, and turnkey business. Turnkey PCB assembly is a faster PCB assembly PCBA, which can offer smooth operation and complete job to your organization and make your project time-efficient.

By choosing Venture as your manufacturer, you can get the best full turnkey service and great customer service for your company’s management. We pay close attention to the whole manufacturing process, and our turnkey PCBA service is based on our worldwide network of components sourcing. We source the parts from reliable suppliers such as Digikey/Mouser/TME/Element 14 and local authorized distributors. We will always ask for your approval before deciding on equivalent components made in China.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Capabilities

Venture Electronics offer turnkey PCB assembly PCBA services at reasonable price and manufacturing costs. We also provide quick-turn service for urgent orders. Our factories are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified with over ten years of experience.

Lead TimeOur service ranges from 8- to 48 Hours for prototype and small volume PCB assembly PCBA projects. Since each project’s complexity is different, our turn-time starts from the time that all the electronic components are ready. PCB files, Centroid (Pick & Place PNP file, XY Data or files in other formats), BOM, and all the necessary data or documents/images/photos are entirely ready, and then we start our PCBA assembly work.
Components SourcingOur Turnkey PCBA service is based on a network of components sourced from reliable suppliers at home and abroad.
PCBA Assembly TypesSurface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly, Thru-Hole (THT) Assembly, Mixed Technology
StencilsWe use laser-cut stainless steel stencils to ensure high reliability for fine pitch and Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) components.
Minimum OrderNO MOQ, our order starts from 1pcs.
PCB Finished Circuit BoardSMOB/HASL, Electrolytic gold, Electroless gold, Electroless silver, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, and OSP.
Printed Board TypeRigid Boards ( FR4, CAM. .etc), Metal Core (Alumi- num,Copper) Boards, Flex Board, Rigid PCB – Flex PCB Board
Board DimensionMin Bare Board Size: L .50mm x W50mm (Boards smaller than this size need to be panelized)
Max Bare  Board Size: L774mm x W7 10mm
InspectionX-ray Inspection and AOI Testing


Turnkey PCB Assembly Techniques

We perform different techniques in the process of turnkey assembly. That generally depends on those attributes of the product. Let’s learn about these techniques we applied in turnkey PCB assembly PCBA.

1. Through Hole Assembly

We provide through-Hole assembly through automatic and manual drilling options. We start with the details of the through-hole PCB assembly process, from preparing the surface to be soldered to checking to ensure we did everything well before packaging the assembled circuit board. We will provide rapid prototyping to ensure a stronger connection. We attach great importance to delivering high heat resistance and improving power handling capabilities. There are two types of through-hole PCB assembly techniques as follows:

    • Radial Lead Components: The leads come out from the body of the component placement on one side of the blank circuit board.
    • Axial Lead Components: The leads pass through one end of the components to the other side.

There are six steps in the through-hole assembly process:

Step 1: Get your surfaces ready for soldering to match the solder properly and for immediate use.

Step 2: Placing these parts and components on the board and then inserting these components leads into the holes for soldering.

Step 3: Heating the pads and the leads to melting the solder.

Step 4: Apply the solder to the joints.

Step 5: Touch the junction of the solder and its joints with iron until enough solder can flow down. Then let the board cool down.

Step 6: Before packaging and shipping, you need to check the final assembled circuit board to see if everything is well done.


2. Surface Mount Assembly

Surface Mount Assembly means the mounting of components to a PCBs surfaced. Nowadays, it has become more and more popular than THT as a frequently used technique for PCB assembly.

Manufacturers will not install these components through the holes compared with the through-hole technology. They locate the leads of surface mount components under the package that touches the surface of the circuit board. Generally, the surface mount process is complicated and cannot be done manually.

Advantages of Surface Mount Assembly are:

      • The process is faster and simpler.
      • It helps make lighter and smaller designs.
      • SMT components have lower inductance and resistance.
      • Higher production capacity compared to the through-hole technology.


3. Mixed PCB Assembly PCBA

Generally Speaking, one circuit board assembled by hybrid technology means that the board combines the strength of both THT (Through Hole Assembly) and SMT(Surface Mount Assembly).

Mixed PCB Assembly PCBA includes both surface mount and through-hole assembly. When requiring both capabilities of the THT and SMT in some projects, technicians will highly apply this technology. This hybrid technology is helpful in many applications such as sensor boards, LED lighting products, smartphone accessories, etc.

Advantages of Mixed PCB Assembly PCBA are:

      • Technicians will assemble more significant components with high power handling capabilities and smaller ones with very effective SMT components on one board.
      • In addition, technicians will install the components on both sides of the PCB. Then you will have more space to accommodate other elements. The resulting equipment will perform better in processing speed and power handling.

What is the difference between partial and Full Turnkey PCB Assembly PCBA?

Turnkey PCB assembly PCBA comes in two ways – Partial and Full turnkey PCB assembly PCBA.

Technicians perform partial turnkey services only when a part of the PCBA assembly process needs to be outsourced. The technical developers are in charge of a portion of the supply chain. If you have a majority of the parts and need to seep up the manufacturing process and want to save budget, you can choose this way to carry out your project.

If you do not have any parts and require us to do all the jobs for you, you need to choose the Full turnkey PCB assembly services. We will help you do everything like procurement, fabrication, and assembly. You need to provide Gerber files, BOM list, pick&place, packaging, and shipping information, and we will do the rest to complete the order.


Advantages Of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

1)Short Lead Time

PCB assembly PCBA mainly includes these three phases: PCB fabrication, components sourcing, and PCB assembly PCBA. Generally, you first need to quote and confirm design files with the PCB manufacturer, then components sourcing, and finally do PCB assembly PCBA. Such a series of confirmations take some time to contact different partners. Full-turnkey PCB assembly PCBA is a time-efficient form of PCB assembly PCBA. When you determine the full-turnkey PCB assembly PCBA from us, we will do all that for you to save your time and budget.

2)Lower Cost

Full-turnkey PCB assembly PCBA service can also help save costs. As far as the electronic assembly is concerned, packaged services are generally cheaper than separate services. You can save shipping costs at least. Component sourcing may get easier because experienced manufacturers can always offer reliable components even at a low cost compared with some distributors.


Turnkey PCB Assembly Testing

Venture Electronics always focuses on stringent quality assurance by inspecting all the materials and components to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Our testing process is to find the errors and defects as early as possible to keep the consistent quality.

Some of the testing methods we performed are given below for your reference:

  • Automated Optical Inspection.
  • Manual Visual Inspection.
  • Functional Circuit Testing.
  • X-ray Inspection.
  • AOI Testing.
  • In-circuit Testing.
  • Component-Level Checks.


Turnkey PCB Assembly PCBA FAQs

Q1:Do you provide partial turnkey PCB assembly PCBA services?

Answer: Yes! We can provide both Partial and Full turnkey PCB assembly PCBA services.

Q2: How much time does it take to get the package after confirming the order?

Answer: Our expected delivery date depends on the quantity and complexity of your turnkey PCB assembly project.

Q3: Can you make a quick turn service for PCB turnkey assembly PCBA in case of urgent need?

Answer: Yes! But the delivery time depends on the quantity of the order.

Q4:What factors determine the cost of turnkey PCB assembly PCBA service?

Answer: The main factors are order quantity, type of printed circuit boards, number of SMT Pads, through Hole, and BGA components.

Q5: What type of testing do you do on the Turkey PCB assembly PCBA?

Answer: The main testing are Visual inspection, AOI inspection, x-ray inspection, and functional testing.

Q6: Where do you export turkey PCB assembly PCBA?

Answer: We are exporting turnkey assembled PCB boards from China to the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia& more.


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